Our objective is the relief of poverty and sickness, the preservation and protection of good health, and the advancement of education in rural areas of Ghana

About Us

TACCO is  a very small charity set up by a dedicated network of family and friends who together are continue to contribute in diverse ways in support  the UN Millennium Development Goals.

We have in recent years been very fortunate to have benefited from many volunteers who did not only organize fundraising activities but as well traveled to Ghana to assist and work with our dedicated local teams, to help us achieve our goals.


Like many countries in the developing world, a history of economic difficulty in Ghana has had a detrimental effect on the overall standard of living and on education in particular, over a period of time.

Where there is a breakdown in the traditional extended family network, problems are worsened and children’s education tends to be the first casualty when a encounters a major financial difficulty.


Recent News

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