About Us

DSCF0106Despite the envious political stability for the past decade, and relative growth of the economy,  Ghana still suffers fundamental challenges in the areas of child welfare  care and primary education. This is in part a result of economic impact on  the extended family network.  Where families are looking to prioritize spending on a daily basis, education of minors – and especially girls – is usually the first area for cuts.  It is not usually a matter of reducing cost but for most families it is also a simple matter of  ‘All hands on deck’; which means minors have to contribute to the family income by having to work instead of going to school or just ‘being children’ by playing with peers.

TACCO is dedicated to the improvement of child welfare and specifically, basic education and social skills through key projects including:

  • Crèche
  • Children’s learning centre (Library)
  • Charity Shop
  • Youth Health Sport Promotion.

To support these projects, we rely heavily on individual volunteers and organization who provide services and materials, as well as funding.  We have been privileged in the past years to have benefited from regular placement of volunteers for around the world (e.g. Gap year students and tourists), who have a great motivation in the improvement of average living standards in developing countries like Ghana.